How important is resistance training for weight loss?

This informative article will explore the role and importance of resistance training for weight loss. My insights as a nutritionist and dietician are based on my years of research and experience. You can expect to learn more about how resistance training contributes to weight loss, how to get started and examples.

Exercise Resistance is Important for Weight Loss

The importance of resistance training (also known as strength-training) in weight loss cannot be overstated. This type of exercise improves your muscular endurance and strength by having you work against weight or force.

The National Institutes of Health published studies that showed resistance training could increase the lean mass of muscles, and in turn, boost metabolic rate. The body will burn more calories all day long, including at rest. This helps to reduce weight and increase fat loss. Resistance training also improves bone density, physical performance, and general health. It is an important part of any fitness program.

How to Start Resistance Training

It's best to start slowly and increase intensity gradually over time if you are new to resistance exercise. Harvard Medical School recommends starting with exercises that you can do using your body weight, such as push-ups and squats. The Harvard Medical School also suggests consulting a professional for proper form to prevent injury and ensure the best results.

Exercises that Strengthen Muscles for Weight Loss

More Tips and Suggestions

A balanced diet, in addition to resistance training, is essential. Protein can help support recovery and muscle growth. Rest is also important to muscle regeneration and recovery. Consistency is also important. Over time, combining regular workouts with a healthy diet will produce the best results.


Resistance training is a key component in weight-loss by increasing muscle mass. It also boosts metabolic rate. This versatile exercise can be customized to meet individual goals and fitness levels. Resistance training, when combined with a healthy diet and a consistent workout routine can help you lose weight.