What are some low-calorie substitutes for foods high in calories?

This article will explain why replacing high-calorie food with low-calorie options is important for maintaining a healthy life style. You will learn how to start, using scientifically-backed methods. Expect to discover several low-calorie alternatives for your favorite meals that will help you control your caloric intake. We will also share some additional food-smart tips.

Why Low-Calorie Alternatives are Important

Weight management and general health are greatly improved by switching to low-calorie food alternatives instead of high-calorie ones. Sugar and fats in high-calorie food can cause obesity, heart disease and diabetes. A study in The New England Journal of Medicine found that reducing calories can reduce the likelihood of these health conditions. Low-calorie food is typically high in fiber and nutrients, so it keeps you fuller longer, and helps reduce your overeating. Finding low-calorie options is therefore essential to a healthy diet.

Get Started With Low-Calorie Food Alternatives

It's important to know how to control your portion sizes before you start consuming low-calorie food alternatives. Even low-calorie foods, if eaten in excess can cause weight gain. Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics study emphasizes importance of portion control when trying to maintain or lose weight. It's also important that you select alternatives which are low-calorie and nutrient dense to satisfy your body's requirements.

Example of low-calorie alternatives

Other Tips

Regular physical activity is essential, as well as replacing high-calorie food with low-calorie options. Mayo Clinic says that exercise can help burn excess calories which cannot be reduced by diet alone. Incorporating a range of food into your diet will ensure you receive a diverse array of nutrients. You can get a variety of nutrients by eating a rainbow-colored array of fruits and veggies.


It is important to choose low-calorie food alternatives that are high in calories if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. You can still enjoy your meal while keeping your calories in check. It's important to remember that it's more than just cutting down on calories. You also need to ensure your food is nutrient dense. You will soon be healthier if you incorporate these healthy alternatives into your daily diet.