What can I do to avoid weight gain over the holiday season?

This comprehensive guide will help you avoid weight gain over the holiday season. The holiday season brings with it an abundance of tasty food and treats that can lead to weight gain. The following guide provides you with scientifically-based strategies to navigate these tempting foods while maintaining a healthy body weight. Let's delve in!

It is important to maintain weight during holidays

It is important to manage your weight over the holidays for several reasons. Studies have revealed that the majority of people do not lose the weight they gained over the holiday season. Holiday weight gain is a major contributor to weight increase. Excessive weight gain is also linked to various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

Important Points for Getting Started

It's important that you understand, before we get into these strategies, that losing weight does not mean depriving yourself. Balance and moderation are the key. A study in Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that eating a protein-rich, small snack prior to holiday parties is an effective strategy. It can curb your appetite, preventing overeating.

How to avoid weight gain during the holidays

Other Tips

Enjoy your holiday favorites, but do it in moderation. Consider using smaller bowls and plates to manage portions. Do not skip meals in order to have a big feast. Eating balanced meals that are nutrient dense throughout the day is better.


Balance, mindfulness and healthy habits are key to avoiding weight gain over the holiday season. It's possible, even though it may be difficult, to have a healthy holiday without having your health compromised. Enjoy the holidays while maintaining your fitness goals.